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We offer to the World, some very unique products and Services from Kangaroo Island, South Australia and other parts of our country


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The number one choice for boat lifts

AirBerth boat lift system is a revolutionary way to keep your boat out of the water, so that you can enjoy a trouble free boating lifestyle.

Spend more time boating and less on boat maintenance

Product Highlights

The AirBerth Boat Lift Storage System features include

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Mooring guides for easier berthing

When entering the AirBerth Boat Lift in its lowered position, the mooring guides, will automatically guide your boat into its final berthed position. The AirBerth will minimise the likelihood of error in berthing caused by inexperience, side winds and current.












Compression pads for cushioned support

Compression pads disperse the load to give the boat a more even support without marking you boat.














Easy operation of tail pipes with dockside handles

The tail pipes are used to flood the main buoyancy chambers when lowering the boat into the water and again to pump the water out when lifting. The operation of these procedures is carried out easily from your dock with these conveniently located dockside handles.













Easy dockside access to lockable air controls

The air controls regulate the supply of air to the main buoyancy chambers. Release the sealing caps to flood the chambers when lowering the boat into the water and to lift the boat simply attach the hoses from the Blower Box Air Control, which will displace the water from the primary floats. This control unit can be conveniently relocated if dockside access is a problem.












Portable Blower Box

Weather proof Blower Box can be permanently mounted or portable depending on your personal requirements.













Adjustable fenders

These two side fenders protect the unit from damage when attached to its mooring. They can be adjusted depending on the situation.














Flexible cradle centers your boat and shapes to your hull

AirBerth's patented flexible support cradles fit most monohull boats, even through hull shapes can vary. As the boat is lifted from the water the flexible cradle will shape to your hull giving an even, stable support. We can design a unt for almost any boat.














Spray jets for a full hull rinse

Simply connect a standard fresh water hose to the AirBerth and the hull is rinsed with a controlled spray of fresh water. The operation of the spray jets is separated between each side for maximum benefit.


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