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We offer to the World, some very unique products and Services from Kangaroo Island, South Australia and other parts of our country


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New Maternity Massage Oil

Eucalyptus Oil Products

Lavender Oil Products

Tea Tree Oils

Fragrant Oils

Oil Pots and Refridgerator Magnets


Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil In and around the house

A disinfectant for cleaning floors, toilets, etc. A deodorizer, a spot and stain remover for
oil based stains in clothing and carpets, paint, ink, or biro marks, anything sticky e.g.
stickers, chewing gum. Cleans bathroom tiles, brass, ovens, plastic and vinyl. For washing woolens and clothing.

The Body

The oil is a natual antiseptic for cuts, burns and abrasions. Used on acne and relieves insect bites. It is an insect repelent, soothes muscular aches and pains, a mouthwash, hand and skin cleaner, training oil, in the bath for a feeling of well being. A Decogestant for colds and flu by vaporising, inhalation or embrocation. Used for sore throats, (Adults a few drops with a teaspoon of honey)

In the workshop

Cleans paint brushes, removes tar and stains and as a penetrating oil for any seized or rusted parts.


For cleaning pets, removing fleas, fly strike

Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus cneorifolia)

Available in 8m;, 15ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 litre or bulk orders.

Fragrant Oils (all in 15ml) Eucalyptus, Rose, Boronia, Rainforest, Lily of theValley, Lavender, Wattle, Black Boy Rose, Peach.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifloia) Available in 8ml, 1`5ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml,

Water Soluble Tea Tree Oil in 50ml, 100ml

Bath and Body oil

Soap and oil packs

Honey products

Gift packs and boxes

Refrigerator magnets

Arts and crafts

Australiana souviners



Recipe Booklet for Eucalyptus Oil

Recipe Book

We have a booklet available with tried and tested uses that have been handed down for generations in Australia.

Protect your environment with this unique oil, the only one of it's kind in the world and because it is produced from natural Eucalyptus leaves, it can be used In and around the House, On the Body, In the Workshop, Used on Animals etc.

This Booklet is available from us for only A$6.95 plus postage. Email us at and we will advise you the total cost including delivery.















































Birchmore Lavender Farm

What is Lavender oil? The oil is a natural product that requires no additives, fertilisers or costly processing just plenty of hard work. The  oil is a volatile essential oil obtained by steam distillation of freshly harvested foliage of various Lavender plants grown on the Island.

The relaxing power of the Lavender has been well known for a long time and this range of hand made products is exciting.

Massage Oil 120 ml (4.05 fl oz) AUD$14.50
Lavender Massage Oil 120ml




  Bath Oil 120ml (4.05 fl oz) AUD $13.00
Lavender Bath Oil 120ml




  Hand & Body Moisturiser 30ml (1.02 fl oz) AUD$12.00
Lavender Hand & Body Moisturiser 30ml



  Lavender Liquid Soap 250ml ((8.45 fl oz) $13.00
Lavender Liquid Soap 250ml




  Lavender Hair Shampoo 250ml (8.45 fl oz) AUD$11.20
Lavender Hair Shampoo 250ml



  Lavender Hair Conditioner 250ml (8.45 fl oz) AUD$11.20
Lavender Hair Conditioner



  Lavender Room & Body Freshener 250ml (8.45 fl oz)A$11.00
Lavender Room & Body Freshener 250ml




  Lavender Shower & Bath Gel 250ml (8.45 fl oz)AUD$11.00
Lavender Shower & Bath Gel 250ml




  Lavender Body Lotion 100ml (3.38 fl oz) AUD$6.00
Lavender Body Lotion 100ml




  Lavender Fragrant Oil 15ml (.51 fl oz) AUD$5.20
Lavender Fragrant Oil 15ml




  Lavender Bubble Bath 250ml (8.45 fl oz) A$10.00
Lavender Bubble Bath 250ml




  Lavender Sachets (small) AUD$4.40
Lavender Sachets
























Fragrant Oils 15ml (.51 fl oz)


Rose Oil AUD$6.10
Rose Oil



Boronia Oil  AUD$6.10
Boronia Oil



Rainforest Oil AUD$6.10
Rainforest  Oil



Lily of the Valley Oil AUD$6.10
Lily of the Valley  Oil



Lavender Oil AUD$6.10 (Seasonal supply)
Lavender Oil



Wattle Oil AUD$6.10
Wattle Oil




 Black Boy Rose Oil AUD$6.10
Black Boy Rose Oil



Peach Oil  AUD$6.10
Peach Oil


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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil 15ml (.51 fl oz)  AUD$6.95
15ml Tea Tree Oil



Tea Tree Oil 50ml (1.7 fl oz)  AUD$12.34
50ml Tea Tree Oil



Tea Tree Oil 100 ml(3.38 fl oz)  AUD$26.00
100 ml Tea Tree Oil



Water Soluble Tea Tree Oil 50ml (1.69 fl oz) AUD$7.05
50 ml Water Soluble Tea Tree Oil





























New Maternity Massage Oil

A deep penetrating massage oil that can be used for aches, pains, cramps,during pregnancy and labour. Does not contain any harmful ingredients

125ml (4.22 fl oz) AUD$14.00

Maternity Massage Oil 125ml

Up to .5 kilo cost























Refridgerator Magnets


Sizes 65m,m x 45mm


Fragrant Oil Pots (Terra Cotta and Timber)


Sizes 80mm high, 50mm wide

email us for prices


Trelivings Body Care Range  

 Kangaroo Island Body Lotion 

Penetrate and protect your skin with Eucalyptus oil, famous for its cleansing and purifying effects. Vitamins essential for healthy skin, derived from Soya Oil and Cocoa Butter, combine in a smooth non-greasy lotion with an angelic fragrance.

250ml/8.45 fl oz.

Kangaroo Island Body Wash 

Gently lather to wash away impurities in bath or shower. Eucalyptus Oil is combined with aloe vera to tenderly penetrate your skin, leaving it soft, clean and vibrant.

250ml/8.45 fl oz.

Kangaroo Island Hand & Nail Cream 

Eucalyptus Oil, blended with Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil, will leave your skin soft and nourished. Contains provitamin B5 to help condition hands, nails and cuticles.

250ml/8.45 fl oz

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Any information contained on this website is not intended as medical advice.

Please consult with your health care professional in relation to all medical conditions.



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1 x 250 ml (8.45 fl oz) = 300 gm (10 oz) packaged

1 x 130ml (4.3 floz) = 160gm (5oz) packaged

1 x 100gm (3.52oz) = 140gm (6oz) packaged

1 x 15gm (0.53oz) = 50gm (2oz) packaged

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