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We offer to the World, some very unique products from Australia


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Nigel Treliving has created a new brand of Australian Body Care Products, Maine Beach,

Beauty is an holistic enterprise ~ not just beauty products but the harmonising and maintaining of good health and a good diet with physical exercise. It is a spiritual journey. The body needs an ongoing maintenance ritual.

Key organic ingredients with fresh fragrances form the basis of these Australian body care collections ~ nourishing moisturising creams, quality bath gels all presented in embellished packaging. Beautiful both on the inside and the outside.

The bodycare collections extend through into textile and tationery products with co-ordinating design themes.

Maine Beach products are an Australian owned brand, born of a deep love of the land and
all that it provides. Gratitude and respect for the unique geography, botany

and history of Australia are at the heart of every collection that they create,
and every product that they make.



Polar winds gust their way from Antarctica toward South Australia, skirting over the dark waters of the Indian Ocean; swaying through the thick grey and green eucalypt flora on the sleepy sanctuary of Kangaroo Island, a refuge from the relentless pace and stresses of city life.
This body care range pays homage to the artisan craftsmanship and produce of the Island; infused with the complex vanilla and fruit driven scents of Italian blood orange and including a very special honey. More than helping to protect and refresh the skin and revive the body, the range offers an opportunity to slow down, to rejuvenate the skin and adjust your perspective on the world as it whirls around us.

Paraben free - Mineral Oil free
Sulphate free - Colourant free

Double distilled in one of Australia’s oldest Eucalypt distilleries, the Eucalyptus oil has been infused with fragrance to produce a sensual range of modern Australian made body care products presented in clean, silver aluminium components, modern cardboard boxing with traditional 19th century European graphics that dominated Australia in the late 1800’s.

Chilled by fresh, crisp breezes from the Antarctic, Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary of pristine Eucalypts protected from introduced European infestations. Love and care have gone into producing these products.

Paraben free and Mineral Oil free
Sulphate free and Colourant free

Mt Macedon Rose

Inspired by the traditional glorious gardens of mount macedon, victoria our latest collection celebrates this magnificent region. Certified organic rosehip oil further enhances this range with top notes of delicate spice, over luscious rose, crushed violet and citrus leaves on a base of cotton blossom and cloves. Luxurious and gorgeous, this lifestyle brand is the epitome of Australian quality and style in the lifestyle and giftware segment.

Paraben free - Mineral Oil free
Sulphate free - Colourant fre

Organic Coconut & Tahitian Lime

Lord Howe Island Organic Coconut and Tahitian Lime

Our Island Collection ~ New release ~

Inspired by the magnificent world heritage site of Lord Howe Island, bordering the tropical South Pacific, this new bodycare collection reflects the lush, island lifestyle of this idyllic region. Infused with the fragrance of coconut cream and Tahitian lime with fresh cilantro and sweet orange flower top notes these beautiful, Australian-made products are free from parabens, mineral oils, sulphates and artificial colourants.

Paraben free - Mineral Oil free
Sulphate free - Colourant free


Tasmanian Lavender

Maine Beach’s Tasmania Lavender Collection will transport you to the Lavender Fields amongst the lush rainforests of South Eastern Tasmania. Drawn to the artisanal production methods this family owned Port Arthur Farm utilise, where Lavandula Angustifolia flowers are hand harvested and distilled into small batches of pure, natural organic lavender oil, known worldwide for its purity within the cosmetic industry.

Paraben free - Mineral Oil free
Sulphate free - Colourant free



Maine Beach Riverland Orange with Lemon Rind

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