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We offer to the World, some very unique products and Services from Kangaroo Island, South Australia and other parts of our country


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NORTHERN TERRITORY - Australia's Outback

This 60 minute magnificent portrayal of the Northern Territory  of Australia, is a branch into a new format of program with a general overview of the complete region.      It is a wonderful condensed program with inspiring pictures and music. We savour the serenity of Kakadu, with its lush rivers, billabongs and wetlands. Glide across Yellow Waters, where tranquil floodplains echo with evening birdsong. Tumble with the cascading waters of Twin and Jim Jim Falls. We explore the mysterious paintings of ancient Aboriginal artists high above Arnhem Land at Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock. There are the crystal clear plunge pools of Litchfield National Park and bathe in the warm waters of Mataranka Thermal Pool, surrounded by tropical foliage from ancient times. Admire the eerie sandstone shapes in the Lost City near Cape Crawford and delight in the wonder of Katherine Gorge. Journey from alluring Darwin, cosmopolitan capital of Australia's Tropical North with it's many attractions, to romantic Alice Springs, where legendary tales of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Old Telegraph Station have coloured Australia's history. Cross the plunging escarpments of the MacDonnell Ranges, Standley Chasm and Glen Helen Gorge and marvel at the great spiritual landmarks of the desert - awe inspiring Uluru ( Ayers Rock ) and the magnificent domes of Kata Tjuta ( The Olgas ). You will love the Northern Territory after watching this breath taking odyssey into the heart and soul of Australia's magnificent north, another inspiring program in the Panorama Australia Series.

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Northern Territory Centre







LAND OF NATURE'S DREAMING - Top End of the Northern Territory

A 30 minute visually stunning program that portrays the Top End of the Northern   Territory. We take you on a journey that brings the best of the  Top End to the screen. To the forefront is the most awesome National Park - a place of mystery called Kakadu, the    dreaming place - rich in Aboriginal history and heritage with stunning rock paintings with shots of the roaring Twin Falls,      the mighty Jim Jim Falls, the Gunlom during the wet season    and the wetlands of the parks Yellow Waters Billabong.           We fly above the gigantic spine of the Arnhem Land  Escarpment, float peacefully through the endless water lilies   and vast bird breeding grounds of Fogg Dam. We bring you     the unique wildlife of the Territory Wildlife Park the refreshing waters of Berry Springs and the thermal waters of Mataranka Springs. We capture the essence of the magnificence of the Katherine Gorge, the Edith River Falls, The Roper River and the wild untouched beauty of Litchfield Park.

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Land of Natures Dreaming











This 30 minute visually stunning program takes you on a magical journey to an island paradise unlike any other in Australia. Beneath the lush green eucalypt canopy of Flinders Chase National Park, discover a colourful, hidden world of over 700 species of exotic native flora. This is an environment where animals roam secure and unhindered, relishing their natural life on nature's island ..... from slumbering sea lions at Seal Bay to the inquisitive Emus, friendly Kangaroos and nonchalant Koalas. Marvel at Remarkable Rocks, a spectacular work of art etched by Antarctic Seas, perched precariously a top a granite dome. Travel to tranquil waters at American River where whalers once sheltered ..... and to Murray and Pelican Lagoons where endangered Cape Barron geese, majestic black swans and proud pelicans find safe havens. Discover with us the secret sandy beaches of Emu, stokes and Antichamber Bays ..... and explore Admiral's Arch, a stunning coastal monument carved by rugged seas and relentless winds. Descent into Kelly Hill Caves, a magnificent calcite cathedral of dazzling colour formed over 140,000 years ago. This is a wondrous world of rare jewels an island of natural charm and tranquillity - truly an island of nature's treasures. An experience not to be missed, a beautifully captured program from the Panorama Australia team, magnificently photographed and superb music - composed and performed, specifically for the pictures.

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KI- Land of Island Treasures







PERTH - Australia’s Golden City


This 30 minute program is the latest inclusion in the Panorama Australia series. Visually descriptive, we portray another of the Capital Cities of Australia in all it's own unique beauty. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and the elegance is apparent from the majestic Kings Park that nestles on the banks of the sparkling waters of the swan river. It is a modern precinct which blends the new with the old with attractions like the spectacular Burswood Casino and the historic Perth Mint. We take you to the sandy beaches of Perth and down to Fremantle exploring the historic Maritime Museum and the grim cells of the Prison. Australian natural beauty is prevalent at Penguin Island and Rottnes Islad and we travel the Avon River to the elegantly preserved towns of Northam, York and Toodyay. Down South the magical and rugged Leeuwin - Naturaliste National Park is protrayed and a visit to the lush winegrowing districts of the Swan Valley and the Margaret River regions and then to the peaceful stillness of the Jewel and Lake Caves. Another memorable exploration of one of Australia's Capital Cities.

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Perth-Australia's Golden City









WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Australia's Wildflower State


This is the most recent program offered by Panorama Australia - at 55 minutes in duration it is a wonderful portrayal of the vast State of Western Australia, where you will discover the essence and excitement of this varied state. From the splendour of the Pilbara and those magnificent Hamersley Ranges, where vast deposits of iron ore have created prosperous mining towns from Pt Hedland, to Karratha to Newman and to the wild exuberance of the gold mining towns of Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, these living reminders of the exciting days of the gold fever. Further north we explore the ancient beauty and grandeur of the Kimberley Region to the awesome Bungle Bungle Ranges and the Geikie Gorge. To Broome a tropical paradise steeped in rich pearling history. We uncover the natural beauty of the west coast from the turquoise waters of Coral Bay to the wonders of the Ningaloo Marine Park, Cape Range National Park and Shark Bay ..... and experience the novel thrill of mingling with Dolphins at Monkey Mia. Down to the South West is the Valley of the Giants, where a magnificent Tree Top Walk is a must see attraction through the forests. Then to the Pemberton Tramway that takes a journey through the giant Karri trees. We travel to Esperance, Albany a recent whaling town and Denmark all so diverse in their appeal. Our journey ends in fields of wildflowers a bloom in a desert sun, creating an unforgettable vista of Western Australia - Australia's world renowned Wildflower State, yet another gem in the Panorama Australia Series.

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WA- Australia's Wildflower State












This 30 minute visually stunning program discovers the splendour of one of the world's most unique land formations ..... from the glacial rocks of Barraranna Gorge in the Gammon Ranges and the mysterious granite waves of Aroona Valley ..... to the majestic peaks and sheer scarps of Wilpena Pound and Arkaroola. We go down into Sacred Canyon, where abstract Aboriginal rock paintings defy interpretation ..... soar above the intriguing saw tooth ridges of Brachina Gorge ..... and visit the Heysen Ranges, inspiration for Sir Hans Heysen's works. Marvel at the multi coloured boulders of Parachilna Gorge ..... the majesty of Mt Painter ..... and the rugged beauty of Yudnamutana Gorge stretch away to the North. Explore ghostly ruins at Kanyaka Homestead and Beltana's abandoned sliding rock mine, eerie testaments to past endeavours. Discover unparalleled panoramas atop St Mary's Peak, Stokes Hill lookout and Black Gap Lookout ..... and the spectacular slopes of brilliant red sturt desert peas dotted with pretty yellow and white daisies. Glimpse the rare Yellow Footed Wallabies Regal Wedge Tailed Eagles, noisy flocks of Corellas and shy Stump Tailed Skinks and much more. The Flinders Ranges is a museum of life, a mountain range shaped and formed by powerful natural forces ..... a Land of Ancient Grandeur. Number 5 in the Panorama Australia programs it is magnificently filmed and presented to ensure another brilliant and unique program in the series.

Return to Flinders Ranges

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SA Flinders Ranges











THE HEART OF AUSTRALIA - Uluru, Alice Springs


This uniquely stunning portrait of Alice Springs and Uluru is 30 minutes in duration. The third of the programs depicting the towns of Australia, this features Alice Springs and the Resort in the Centre of the N.T. Yulara so visually powerful. Where we take you deep into Australia's heart ..... to Uluru National Park ..... to experience the mammoth citadels of Uluru ( Ayers Rock ) and Kata Tjuta ( The Olgas ). As well as their significance to the Aboriginal people, we reveal sacred rock paintings and carvings dating back thousands of years and give you tantalising glimpses of sacred sights. We show the modern day desert oasis ..... Yulara. Our cameras take you to the legendary Ghan, the train that helped open Australia's Heart and to Alice Springs renowned outback town that bridges two cultures ..... European and Aboriginal. You'll even share the thrill of a camel ride along the dry bed of the Todd River ..... all as we capture the Heart of Australia. This stunning program, another spectacular film from the Panorama Australia Series is a must see and an education in itself.

Return to Alice Springs

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The Heart of Australia (Uluru)









LAND OF TIMELESS BEAUTY - The Kimberley Region


This 30 minute visually stunning program is number 6 in the magnificent series that presents Australia in all it's glory. This particular program depicts the diverse beauty of Australia's last frontier. The Kimberley Region situated in the north of Western Australia. This breath taking program takes you on a journey down the Gibb River Road revealing the Manning Gorge, Galvan Gorge, Emma and Bells Gorge. We will fly you over the Mountain Rock formations of the Bungle Bungle Ranges - world heritage listed. These Beehive shapes of weathering sandstone domes are amazing. We Experience the Grandeur of the Ancient Limestone Walls of the Geikie Gorge and the sights of Windjana Gorge with its heritage of Aboriginal Paintings. The Ord River Scheme and Lake Argyll, Chamberlain Gorge and the extraordinary Wolfe Creek Crater. Our journey takes you along the Cockburn Range and portrays the exquisite native flora, birdlife and fresh water crocodile of the Kimberley Region. These and many more highlights culminate in the production of this beautifully filmed, edited and presented program by Panorama Australia.

Return to The Kimberley

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The Kimberley Land of Timeless Beauty



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