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We offer to the World, some very unique products from Australia


You can purchase products from this Web Site using the SECURE PayPal on-line payments system


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We use Australia Post for our deliveries, see terms and conditions



The Kangaroo Island Shop uses the services of Australia Post for delivery of our products as described below. It is highly recommended that you take out insurance on your order offered by Australia Post.

The Kangaroo Island Shop is not liable for deliveries that may go astray. Visit Australia Post   for further information.


Air Mail International is the standard service for letters, documents and Other Articles to almost any address in the world.

Maximum weight - up to 20 kg to most countries

Check individual country entry for the specific maximum weight.

   * Priority Air despatch from Australia

   * Delivery within 3 - 10 business days,depending on destination                      Check each country's directory entry for more accurate delivery details.

PARCELS require an attached Customs form that includes a declaration that the article does not contain any dangerous or prohibited goods.

  INSURANCE is available to most countries INSURED VALUE LIMIT IS AUD$5,000.00

  FEE AUD$5.00 plus AUD$2.00 per AUD$100.00 or part thereof up to AUD$5,000 00 (some countries may be a less maximum)



The network operates interstate between Australia's capital cities (except Darwin) and some major centres.

It also operates within states between the capital city and major provincial centres. Beyond these routes, the fastest possible delivery will be provided on a non-guaranteed basis.

Any item other than certain dangerous items may be sent by Express Post Parcel, up to a maximum weight of 20kg.

Maximum dimensions are not to exceed the length of 105cm and girth of 140cm.

Your Guarantee

Provided your Express Post Parcel has been correctly addressed (with an Express Post Parcel address label) and lodged at any Post Office in the next business day network, by the required time, you are guaranteed delivery over those specified routes the next business day.

Should we not deliver on time, Australia Post guarantees to refund your postage in full. You will need to produce your validated customer receipt.

Safety regulations prohibit many substances from being posted. These include explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or dangerous articles. Ask at your Post Office for more details.

Don't forget to sign the "Dangerous Goods Declaration" on the address label when sending parcels.

If the declaration is unsigned, the parcel will not be accepted.

Up to AUD$100.00 included for registered post (additional insurance available)